Automation of Hydroponics System using Open-source Hardware and Software with Remote Monitoring and Control

Tshering Penjor, Lhap Dorji, Dorji Wangmo, Karma Yangzom & Thinley Wangchuk


This study aimed to develop and install an open-source hardware and application software for the automation of different actuators and sensors in the hydroponics system established at ARDC-Wengkhar. A prototype automation system was developed using Raspberry Pi 3 installed with open-source hydroponics application software called Mycodo which acted as a main computing hub for the automation. The automation features included the schedule or timer-based switching of different pumps, conditional switching of the ventilation fans based on temperature/humidity, alarm and notifications via email when certain parameters exceed the normal value, data logging and remote access to the system. The prototype was installed in the existing hydroponics structures containing nutrient film technique, deep water culture and vertical tower. The prototype was found efficient, reliable, useful, affordable and expandable as it offers more flexibility and advanced features for any automated hydroponics system.

Keywords: Automation; Hydroponics; Mycodo; Open-Source; Raspberry Pi

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