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In Search of Species Suitable For Temperate Pasture Mixtures in Bhutan

AUTHOR: Wangchuk K, Roder W, Gyeltshen ABSTRACT Farmers in temperate areas were recommended to use mixtures containing white clover, Italian ryegrass, tall fescue and cocksfoot. Strong dominance of white clover in fields seeded with these mixtures induced the search for alternative species or establishment methods. Two experiments were conducted across a range of temperate environments […]

Physical Characterization of Bhutanese Yak

AUTHOR: Tashi Dorji and Gyem Tshering ABSTRACT The aim of this study was to compare biometrical measurements, describe coat colour and horning pattern of yak population from three regions of Bhutan (west, central and east). The measurements including heart girth, body length, wither height and estimated body weights are larger for yak from western Bhutan. The […]

Migratory Cattle Grazing: An Ecosystem Approach To Livelihood

AUTHOR: M.R. Moktan, L. Norbu, H. Nirola , D.B.Chhetri, T.B.Rai, Rinchen ABSTRACT This paper consolidates impact of traditional migratory system of cattle management on their household economy, and describes the interaction between sustainable livestock, forest and pasture resources development. Livestock remain as main livelihood source contributing 71% and 84% of the gross household incomes of herders […]

Forest Pattern Analysis Along the Topographical and Climatic Gradient of the Dry West and Humid East Slopes of Dochula, Western Bhutan

Author: Wangda P, Ohsawa M ABSTRACT The contrasting vegetation and climatic conditions on east and west sides of Dochula pass is a unique characteristic of the dry valley ecosystem. Temperature declines faster on the west slope than on the east slope. Moisture condition is the determining factor for the contrasting vegetation. Floristically 66 tree species […]